The Warrior Games & Invictus Games

leverage the power of sports to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation, and generate a wider understanding and respect for the sacrifice of the men and women of the U.S. Military.

Through a relationship with the U.S. Military Warrior Care Program, USVCC leverages corporate and nonprofit organizational strength to enhance, expand, and increase impact of all programs and services provided to wounded, ill, and injured service members, their families, and caregivers during recovery, transition, and reintegration into civilian life.

The Warrior & Invictus Games

The Warrior & Invictus Games is a Paralympic-style competitive event showing the unconquerable spirit of wounded, ill, and injured service men and women. Team US is made up of competitors from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Special Operations Command. Many of them have competed at Warrior Games and/or previous Invictus Games and are at the top of their game. While this is a competitive event it's more about the indomitable spirit of our wounded warriors and highlights the resiliency needed to adjust to a new "normal." If you've never witnessed something like this then you are in for a treat.

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FAQs about the Warrior Games

What are the Warrior Games?
Created in 2010, the DoD Warrior Games introduce wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans to Paralympic-style sports. Warrior Games showcases the resilient spirit of today’s wounded, ill or injured service members from all branches of the military. These athletes have overcome significant physical and behavioral injuries and prove that life can continue after becoming wounded, ill or injured.
When and where will the DoD Warrior Games competition take place?
The 2019 DoD Warrior Games was scheduled for June 21-30, 2019 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Opening and closing ceremonies athletic competitions took place at venues inside the greater Tampa Bay area, to include The Amalie Arena, The Tampa Convention Center, University of South Florida and the Long Aquatic Service. Conducting the Games outside of MacDill Air Force Base to allow the greater Tampa Bay community to show their support for our nation’s wounded.
What is the difference between Warrior Games and Invictus Games?
During the DoD Warrior Games, athletes represent their respective service and the U.S. Special Operations Command and compete against each other. Invictus Games is an international competition and selected U.S. service members and veterans compete as one team, representing the U.S. Participation in the Warrior Games is integral to the service member’s recovery process. Competitions like Warrior Games aid in holistic healing of wounded, ill and injured service members throughout their recovery and rehabilitation process: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and socially.
Are you connected to the Wounded Warrior Project?
We are not connected. The Warrior Games are Department of Defense (DoD) funded, while the Wounded Warrior Project is a separate, nonprofit organization.
What sports will athletes compete in at the 2019 Warrior Games?
The DoD Warrior Games will feature athletes competing in 14 adaptive sports: archery, cycling, track, field, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, wheelchair basketball, powerlifting, time-trial cycling indoor rowing and, for the first time in Warrior Games history, golf, wheelchair tennis and wheelchair rugby.
Who is eligible to participate?
Wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans can all apply to participate through their respective services. Athletes qualified for the 2019 Warrior Games by participating in structured camps, clinics, trials and daily adaptive sports activities that were executed nationwide with support from the DoD Office of Warrior Care Policy Military Adaptive Sports Program. The athletes are able to compete based on their professionalism, dedication and determination, as well as the military medical teams and families supporting their recovery.
Are the Warrior Games open to athletes from other countries?
Yes, the Department of Defense have invited athletes from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Denmark to the 2019 Warrior Games. For the first time, athletes from The Netherlands and Denmark will participate. This will be the seventh time athletes from the U.K Armed Forces will compete, the third time for athletes from the Australian Defence Force, the second time for the Canadian Armed Forces athletes and the first time for Denmark and the Netherlands.
What types of injuries do the athletes have?
Participating athletes have wounds, injuries and illnesses such as amputations, spinal cord injuries, and visual impairments. Some injuries and illnesses are not always visible (i.e. TBI, cancer, post-traumatic stress), and not all are endured in combat. The Games provide an opportunity for athletes to showcase their healing and recovery through adaptive sports, providing opportunities for athletes to heal and to regain confidence and purpose. The DoD Warrior Games offers a way to celebrate their efforts and commitment to healing.
How many times can an athlete participate in the Warrior Games?
Because the DoD Warrior Games were designed to be part of a service member’s rehabilitation and recovery, athletes are allowed to participate in the Warrior Games twice. This is to ensure as many service members get the opportunity to compete, experience the healing camaraderie and spirit of competition through the Warrior Games.