Corporate Partnership Benefits

Access to veteran-designated businesses through USVCC’s database.

State-of-the-art transitioning military and veteran focused employment platform.

Access to USVCC’s partner’s nationally recognized certification program for your non-certified veteran businesses in your supply chain.

Offer your veteran suppliers access to USVCC’s signature programs including leadership, education, and entrepreneurial courses.

Integrate your corporate veteran programs and initiatives into USVCC website under the five pillars: Employment, Education, Business, Wellness, and Family

Offer your veteran suppliers access to USVCC’s veteran services under our five pillars of support: Business, Employment, Education, Wellness, and Family.

Be a contributing member within one of the USVCC five Pilars of support: Business, Employment, Education, Wellness, and Family.

Participation in the USVCC’s supplier diversity series. This educational and idea-sharing series addresses the critical issues veteran business professionals face on a daily basis in a solutions-based format.

Under federal acquisition regulations (FAR), state, and municipal regulation compliance.

Corporate recognition on USVCC website, social media, and press releases to the USVCC community including all 100,000k businesses

Work with U.S. Military through various programs: Warrior Care, adaptable sports, and Care Symposiums

Participate in USVCC national and local events through engagement with USVCC regional chambers and affiliates.

Provide your products and services to USVCC’s two million veterans through are strategic partners. Also, provide discounted products and services to your veteran employees and veteran-designated businesses within your supply chain.

USVCC helps corporate fulfill their contracting needs by B2B matchmaking with contract ready veteran owned businesses.

One year advertisement with USVCC Strategic Partner, Veterans Advantage, to showcase your discounted products and services to 2.5 million veteran members.