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Adrian Guglielmo

Co-Founder & SVP, Marketing
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Support Task Force Partners, LLC CEO & Founder

Born a hearing person into a deaf culture, it didn’t take Adrian Guglielmo long to realize that the world was not an easy place for people with disabilities. In 1991, Guglielmo started the first for-profit corporation run by people with disabilities. Understanding the isolation of the disabled, she used their skills in the arts to enhance branding and marketing in corporations. Working with such companies as IBM, Chase, UPS, Avis, Disney, Johnson and Johnson and many more, she helped people with disabilities to not just get work within her company but receive jobs at others.

Adrian soon became the go to person for answers in marketing directly to people with disabilities. After selling her first company she then continued in helping grow diversity markets for corporate America. In some cases raising the sales over 50%.

During her tenure, Adrian has acquired, developed, and consulted for companies and non-profits that need assistance with financing, sales, marketing, public relations, and corporate partners. With a focus on diversity issues, Adrian works in the veteran, disability, and minority space to improve lives and build awareness worldwide. She coined a phrase, which she holds dear to her heart, “Capitalism with a Cause”. Marketing should always consist of a “win, win win situation.

With over 25,000 applicants considered, Adrian won the 2004 Marketing Women of the Year presented by Wells Fargo Adrian due to her methods of giving back. Many books and articles have been written about her marketing techniques, she has taught marketing at many Universities, and continues to bring non-profit programs that interest corporate America to the forefront.

Her business got so overwhelming as a consultant that two years ago she founded a new company named Support Task Fore Partners. At the helm of her new company, Adrian has been impacting the diversity world on a whole new level. Adrian was the lead fundraising consultant to Easterseals Inc, a 100-year old national nonprofit serving 2 million people with disabilities annually. Other projects and initiatives include, but aren’t limited to, fundraising for the Gold Star Family Monument in Arlington National Cemetery, NYC Veterans Day Parade, and head of marketing for the United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

Through all her past and current efforts within the community, Adrian Guglielmo in July was named to the top 100 Women of 2017 list by International Top 100 Magazine.